We want the IVF/ICSI treatment cycle to be as smooth and informed for you as possible. To ensure that you’re aware of the all the procedures and timelines of the treatment, we require your consent on the following before proceeding with the treatment. These procedures relating to egg collection and embryo transfer will be shared with you in person and you will be required to sign the consent form before the treatment begins.

Part 1

As a couple, you are informed and have agreed to the following procedures before beginning the treatment:

  • While undergoing treatment, drugs (oral and injectable) will be administered for ovarian treatment.
  • Eggs will be removed from the ovaries vaginally with the help of scan-guided vaginal procedure.
  • Drugs and anesthetics, as applicable, will be administered throughout the treatment cycle.
  • Your preference will be needed for mixing the following through IVF/ICSI/Rescue ICSI: your eggs/with sperm from your partner or husband/eggs donated by another known donor/ sperm donated by another known donor/unknown donor eggs/unknown donor sperm.
  • Only eggs from one woman and sperm from one man will be used for a given treatment cycle. The treatment will not include using self embryos and donor embryos together for embryo transfer.
  • There may be complications in the egg collection procedure associated with anesthesia, including bleeding, pain, and trauma to visceral organs such as bladder, bowel and blood.
  • In case of complications related to visceral organs, we will need to perform additional procedures including laparoscopy and laparotomy to fix any damages.
  • Detailed information and counseling sessions have been shared with you about the proposed treatment.
  • With effective consent from the donor, he/she will not be responsible as a legal parent of the resulting offspring/child born through this treatment (ICMR).
  • All the terms are valid for 3 months from the date of agreement.

Part II

Embryo Transfer

  • You will be required to give your consent for the following number of embryos transferred: policy (based on the no. and quality of embryos/ quality of the womb lining/ presence of OHSS), single embryo transfer (SET – medical reason/elective), two embryo transfer (DET – elective).
  • You agree to having understood the implications of the embryo transfer options mentioned above and have had the chance to discuss it in detail with the doctor including the risk of multiple pregnancy and its obstetric consequences.
  • There may be drugs and anesthetics given as applicable during the embryo transfer.
  • You give your consent to having any surplus good quality embryos stored initially for a year, and will pay additional charges as applicable for the storage.
  • You are okay with calls and reminders (+2) on a yearly basis about renewing your embryo storage with the Creation Center. You will pay additional charges at the beginning of the renewal.
  • In case of lack of response from you to the annual reminders, the Creation Center at Fortis will discard the embryos as applicable.