Blastocyst transfer

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Blastocyst transfer is a breakthrough complementary In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure involving the transfer of an embryo back into the womb five to six days after fertilization. This embryo or blastocyst is a rapidly dividing ball of cells. The inner group of cells turn into the embryo, while the outer group nourishes and protects it.

How blastocyst transfer is performed

In a regular IVF procedure, eggs removed from the ovaries are mixed with sperm in a laboratory, where fertilization occurs. After two to three days, the embryo is transferred back into the womb. However, in blastocyst transfer, the embryos are allowed to incubate until the blastocyst stage before being implanted into the uterus.

Usually, one to two of the best blastocysts are chosen and implanted. This increases the chances of pregnancy.

Why blastocyst transfer works

Blastocyst transfer enhances chances of pregnancy. An alternative to IVF or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), it is more effective because only the best embryos develop into blastocysts and one or two of these are implanted.

The procedure is more akin to the natural process, where an embryo enters the uterus only after five to six days of fertilization. In traditional IVF, the transfer happens at a time when the embryo ideally should still be in the fallopian tubes.

Blastocyst transfer also significantly brings down the chances of a multiple pregnancy as only one or two blastocysts are implanted. This further cut down health risks and costs associated with multiple births.

Who can opt for blastocyst transfer?

Blastocyst transfer is recommended for those who have undergone previous failed attempts of IVF or ICSI. A safe procedure, it is especially effective for younger women who have a good prognosis from IVF. Women over 40 too can avail of blastocyst treatment if their embryos are viable.


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