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Mrs.Nidhi Gunjan

Dear Creation Team

Understanding the complexity due to the size of fibroid, it was a very tough time for all of us. Due to supportive staff and my sister being in the safe hands of Dr.Manisha Singh gave us the courage to manage the prevailing situation.

It was like a nightmare for us and we all are really thankful to Dr.Manisha Singh for successful surgery.

All the staff members and nurses are very good.

Thank you
Mrs.Nidhi Gunjan

Mrs. Pushyami

Dear Creation Team

The surgery went well, post surgery care taken was good. I was clearly told about the process and post process prior to surgery. The root cause was clearly identified and explained.

We are very happy till now whatever has been done to us as part of treatment and we would like to definitely refer or share our feedback. Our sincere thanks to Dr Manisha Singh & Team.

Thank you
Mrs. Pushyami

Mrs. Sanchita

Dear Creation Team

It was a chance visit to Fortis, BG Road. I was referred by Dr. Sheela Chakravarthy to Dr. Manisha Singh.

Dr. Singh guided me and explained my current problem ( not able to conceive) – I was treated for myomectomy on 16th Nov 2015 at Level 2 OT of Creation. I was discharged on 19th Nov 2015. The OPD service is very good and satisfying. The Creation Team is very Co-Operative. Dr. Singh is very motherly. I have been asked to be back after 3 months mid Feb 2016 to Dr. Singh.

Thanks to all in Creation Team for very quick healing and recovery.

With Regards
Sanchita Ghosh

Mrs. Sai

Dear Creation Department

I felt very satisfied with the services that has been offered from the Creation department. I have taken the procedure for assistive reproductive services (IVF). I am very much satisfied with the treatment and the co-ordination between the groups in the departments such as Emergency in case of Non – availability of Creation OPD and Triage etc, finally, the result is positive.

I felt little bit improvement in the awareness on the IVF Injections that is given in emergency ( On Sunday). Apart from that all the way I am very satisfied with services.

I thank Dr. Manisha Singh for assisting and making my dreams come true.

Thank you
Sudharsana Rao Chidella
Sai Shalini Chidella

Mrs. Aprita

Finally, coming to Dr.Manisha Singh, I want to thank her again for cleaning me up. I feel fresh because of her 1 note solution to have the surgery done and a "no"nod to my desire to avoid surgery and take up some other possible way. She is a person who throws confidence to the patient. She not only states the solution but states it with such conviction that gives a volume to the decision you would make. I must say, considering the type of person I am and outlook I have towards Hospitals or Doctors, it was her way of talking or explaining the things, that made me walk up to Fortis and close the procedures one after one. I took quiet sometime between the procedures because 1 didn't want to force myself and my Husband into what we don't like. However, it was "factor" Dr.Singh only what made me tell myself — ok, lets go ahead. She would go all the way to help you and make you feel comfortable, be it emotional or documental. I thank her for not just the surgery but also whatever she did to help us getting through the insurance processes.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Ms.Bindu for guiding us on the insurance and in general.

Additionally, l would like to thank the nurse who prepared me for the surgery and took care of me during nights of my stay in hospital. I must say, patients like me who for various reasons miss the presence of family/ motherly figure around during those stressful moments, she is the one who fills that gap. I could not meet her after my discharge but if possible kindly arrange to extend my thanks to her.

I also appreciate the nurses of creation department & the particular nurse in ward on Floor 7 who handed me the discharge documents for all the kind words shared from time-to-time.

During the visits and the stay, I have interacted with many other people but not everybody is worth mentioning. However, presence of all the above mentioned good people in Fortis- bannerghatta, indeed makes a difference to the centre. We didn't intimate our parent about the surgery with the conviction that everything will be fine and with God's grace, it was. I may sound emotional here but I have been taught to see God in every figure I come across. When it is Hospital and very first Surgery, I am sure anybody would pray to God to be by their side and I thank God to be by our side in these above forms. After returning home, when we intimated family, all we said was "we were in good hands and good company... Don't worry now!!"

Myself and my Husband are very happy that we choosed Fortis- Bannerghatta for getting answers to our questions and are sure to return to this centre for all our future requirements.

Mrs. Mamta


Dr. Manisha Singh
Fortis, Bannerghatta Road

It was nice to hear from you about our positive result of my wife’s pregnancy. I can understand the pain of other couples who are trying so hard under your guidance to get pregnant. You are one of the mentors with so much of positive energy. Thank you so much to all your team who gave us the happiest moment of our life. God gives you all success and you become reason of smile in millions of life.

Kumar Aditya

Mrs. Madhavi

I was referred to Fortis Creation department by Dr. Geetha Belliappa. All the staff here are cordial. People here are always treating the patients with smile. We are very happy to choose Fortis Creation. Dr. Manisha and Dr. Lakshmi are very cool and listen to us patiently. Everyone here is happy to help us.

Mrs. Ria


To start with I felt very comfortable right from the time I met Dr. Manisha Singh as well as Dr. Lakshmi. It was ensured that I as a patient was educated about the whole procedure which helped me give an informed consent, which according to me was very important as we had approached Dr. Manisha with lot of anxiety. Each and every staff, right from the nurse, receptionist and anesthetist was warm and made me more and more comfortable both pre-surgery and post-surgery. To sum up I would say that my experience here was excellent and I would say that such experience instill more trust and confidence in my ----.
I am thankful for the treatment accompanied with love and care. They stay also was very good.

Ria Rajan

Mrs. Poornima

Dear Dr. Manisha Singh Words cannot express the depth of our gratitude to you, Dr. Lakshmi, the nurses, embryologists and staff for giving us the gift of life. After two unsuccessful IVF cycles at a different facility, our confidence was waning. But when we discussed with you, you told us that you were confident and it gave us the confidence to start the IVF cycle. We felt the warmth, care and support of everyone in the office. Doctor you are the rarest of individuals – both brilliant and compassionate.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Poornima Devi

Mrs. Bhaswati

It was an amazing experience for us during our treatment under Dr. Manisha and Dr. Laxmi. We express our whole hearted gratitude to the doctors and sisters of Creation. We are overwhelmed by the support and guidance provided by Creation. Dr. Manisha and Dr. Laxmi are very encouraging and always made us comfortable during our scheduled appointments. Its been a year long treatment for us and Creation helped us to stay focused and believe that we will one day succeed in our journey of parenthood. Thank you for your amazing support.

Mrs. Bhaswati Gope

Mrs. Lakshmi

We are extremely pleased with the treatment suggested by Dr. Manisha Singh and Dr. Lakshmi. Both doctors are extremely cooperative. They explained clearly about the procedures. Boosted confidence in us after we had completely lost hopes of parenthood. Supporting staff Dr. Aswini (embryologist), Govind, Laxy sisters Jesintha, Rina, Mamatha, Savitha & Papitha and receptionist Kavitha are extremely cooperative and helpful. Overall we are pleased with the service rendered and would refer Creation to our friends / relatives who are struggling to become parents.

Laxhmi Basappa

Mrs. Mansi

The entire procedure was systematic and fuss-free. The doctors are very experienced. They assess every possible feature in the body that might hinder the successful completion of the process, and try to provide solutions beforehand. The staff is very congenial and they make you feel very comfortable during the entire process. For me, the success rate was 100 % at the first attempt. Thanks to the world-class facilities at Fortis, and of course the doctors and the staff.

Mansi Soni

Mrs. Nirmala

I am happy with the treatment carried out on 7th September, 2015. I would like to thank Dr. Manisha Singh and her entire staff for taking good care of me.

Nirmala Tripathi

Mrs. Jeeva Rani

First of all, we thank Fortis for the wonderful support in providing us enough confidence which we had lost, before we approached Fortis (Especially Dr. Manisha Singh).
We thank Dr. Manisha for her surgery, and also Dr. Lakshmi for her care and supportive words.
One very unique thing we observed at Fortis compared to other hospitals (we have gone to hospitals like Cloud Nine & Apollo), is that we could always see care, politeness and smiles among the nurses & receptionists (Kavitha especially).

We were well informed about out treatment by Dr. Manisha Singh.This is what we found lacking when we went to other hospitals.
Finally, a special thanks to Dr. Manisha and her team for the treatment and the wonderful support.

Senthil Kumar / Jeeva Rani

Mrs. ShiwangiJha

I wish to thank Dr. Manisha Singh and all the associated staff whole heartedly for providing a warm medical assistance during my surgery.Dr. Manisha singh has been extremely motivating, caring and diligent in handling my surgery.
My special thanks to Ms. Kavitha and the nurses who were meticulously available and extremely caring. We would like to recommend Fortis - Creation to all my friends and relatives to avail such wonderful services.
Tahnks Dr. Manisha and Ms. Kavitha for everything.


Mrs. X

Today, 7 years later as I write my story, I wonder why I thought 'my plan' for my life, my dreams for building a family, my hopes for conceiving a child, my aspirations were better and would make me happy.

I am writing my story for women around the world today who continue to suffer silently with adenomyosis and endometriosis, for women who believe that they were born to conceive a child, for women who believe that excruciating pain - pre, during and post every menstrual cycle for 20 days in a month is the norm.

Mrs. Konagiri

Every doctor, every nurse, and every staff member at Creation is very knowledgable, kind and caring. At the time of being a patient at Creation Fortis, I have never felt like a number, the team is extremely compassionate. I highly recommend this fertility center for those who are serious about starting a family.
Thank you Dr. Manisha Singh and Dr. Lakshmi for making me comfortable with the treatment, and all the staff members and all the nurses too. .

Mrs. Konagiri Madhavi

Mrs. Pranati

Overall, we had a very good experience at Creation, Fortis. Dr. Manisha Singh is a great doctor and she has got a very good hold on the subject matter. A hassle-free and good experience for us. Anything related to medical care in the future, Fortis shall be the first choice for us.
All the best team Creation!

Mrs. Pranati Paheli Das

Mrs. Shweta

It was a good experience at Creation, Fortis Hospital. The team did a nice job with good hospitality. Even the nursing staff was very responsive, and doctors were very cooperative. I am very happy with my overall treatment here at Fortis. Thanks for all the effort youíve taken so far.

Mrs. Shweta Ganti

Dr. Sonia

I started visiting Fortis Hospital for my infertility problem. My treating Doctor was Dr. Manisha Singh at Creation. We had a very good experience at Creation. Dr. Manisha is an amazing doctor. She will never ask for any unnecessary procedures or tests. She gives time to every patient and clarifies all doubts. She had told me and my husband that we are absolutely fine and donít need IVF. As it happened we conceived with her medical treatment only.
All the staff including nurses and Mrs. Kavitha are very well behaved and co-operative.
We are very thankful to Dr. Manisha and her entire team of Creation.

Dr. Sonia Singh

Mrs. Saranya

We started treatment with Dr. Manisha Singh from May 2014 after my miscarriage. Previously I was diagnosed with PCOD and my husband was diagnosed with varicocele.
We are very glad that I am pregnant again within a year. The Staff were supportive and had good guidance from both Dr. Manisha Singh and Dr Lakshmi.
Thanks Fortis and Dr Manisha again.

Saranya Arun

Mrs. Elizabeth

We have been trying to conceive for the past 8-9 months. PCOD Plus overweight was the big hurdle in our dream of expanding the family. One fine day we heard of ìCREATIONî in Fortis and we thought of seeking the doctorís opinion for this case. From the day one, our experience in "CREATION" has been very wonderful. We consulted Dr. Manisha Singh and were very happy with the way, we were advised explained and treated. Finally, our dream came true and now that I am 2 months pregnant, it has been a journey truly worth waiting for. The nurses, staff and the doctor have been very supportive, gave us the positive vibe to work through our difficulties. All thanks and appreciation to each and every one in ìCREATIONî for helping us through our difficult times.


Mrs. Rohini

Dr. Manisha Singh is one of best Doctor we have seen in Bangalore. Her vision and experience is really amazing. We had best experience here at Creation, Fortis. We are really thankful for our treatment.
The only complain we have is related to the appointment system. It is really not a very planned once.
The time given for appointments is not very realistic and can be planned in a better way.
Apart from it no complains and all the staff members are very friendly and helpful.

Rohini Lal

Mrs. Nandini

We have come to know of Creation from one of our family friends. The technical staff and doctors are very good and satisfy us with proper answers for all our queries. The ambience is also decent and they maintain proper hygiene here.

Nandini Ghosh

Mrs. Savithri

I got to know about the Fortis Endometriosis centre through a bill board advertisement. I must say that when I called the number provided, I received good response and a very quick appointment to see Dr Manisha Singh.

I am a patient who is 42 years of age and experiencing a health condition, called Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, which the centre specialises in. A special mention to Ms. Kavitha, whose kind voice led me here to Fortis and to the doctor who has helped me find solutions to my problems.

Dr. Manisha Singh, came across as a very warm and experienced doctor who made me understand what I was going through with total clarity and helped me take the call on the solutions. Dr. Lakshmi has been great help when I came to meet her when Dr. Manisha was away. After taking a decision to get myself surgically corrected, I chose Fortis to be the destination.

The complete nursing and medical care, pre operative preparation, tests conducted and procedure followed by post operative care and review has been exemplary and I am so glad I made this choice. Many thanks.

Mrs. Girija

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are taking the treatment at Creation Fortis since June 2013, Under the supervision of Dr Manisha Singh. Here the treatment and the facilities are very good.

Now I have conceived with IUI treatment. We are very happy and very much thanks to our Doctors Dr.Manisha Singh and Dr. Lakshmi and all other staff.

You Creation

Yours Faithfully


Mrs. Haila


I came from Kuwait especially for this surgery as the laparoscopic option was not available to me in Kuwait.

I am happy that the option of Fortis & Creation was provided to me.

I am very satisfied and happy that Dr. Manisha Singh worked out the process for me and carried out the surgery so smoothly.

Everything was fine while I was staying here in Fortis hospital. The Nurses were very good they treated me well especially the international marketing team were very nice, they helped me a lot. Special thanks to the dietary department and Ms. Manasa from dietary department.

Thank you Fortis hospital for everything !!!

Mrs. Sumangala

Thanks to Dr. Manisha Singh and her awesome team. At Creation it is not just medical treatment its also emotional connect.

Dr. Manisha Singh infuses positive energy every time we meet her, and makes feel really comfortable. She is supported by an awesome team which is highly professional and takes individual care of their patients.

Thanks you Dr. Lakshmi for all the patientce and answering all questions with a smile.

Thanks again for the entire team and Creation for spreading HAPPINESS

Mrs. Aditi

Creation Department is true to its name. It has helped us in creating the true happiness sin our life. Dr. Manisha Singh has the care of being a good human being and a great doctor. She made us feel comfortable throughout our journey and made our dream come true. Having met her we realized. She is very charming and very straight forward. She clearly explained us our case but never discouraged us. Dr. Manisha reviewed our case with great determination and then recommended the course of treatment of IUI. She follows a very different protocol as she is very confident as to what she is doing and makes us feel very confident and comfortable and her entire process is very organised and systematic. She was very confident before she did my first IUI. Because of her blessings I conceived in my first IUI cycle. We also extend our sincere thanks to Dr. Lakshmi and the entire Creation team for their exceptional professionalism and compassionate care. A very special thanks to madam Kavitha, sister Jacintha, sister John, sister Savitha and sister Reena

With Regards
Aditi and Mayank

Mrs. Priyanka

I came to know about the creation and Dr.Manisha singh from my friend. She have given birth to two babies through IVF which was done by Dr. Manisha Singh, even though she had complicated health issues.

I got conceived within three months after showing the doctor and taking the medicines. I am very much grateful to the doctor and the facilities in the Fortis.

Mrs. Sasmita

The team at Creations Fortis is always supportive, empathetic and respectful towards the patients. I think the same feed back will be at any other patient who has been visiting this department on a regular basis. There is no business and they treat each patient equally.

When we meet Dr. Manisha for the first time, we were counselled and we felt positive about our treatment and i was sure that I will be conceiving soon. She made us realize that ëits important to have a healthy baby than just having a babyí. The entire process, the way she took care of all significant areas to be checked all relevant tests to be done, required medicines and vitamins to be added in to the medication, that has helped us to conceived naturally.

We are thankful to Dr. Manisha and her team for this happiness that has come into our family and we wish them all the very best. Please keep doing this noble work. God bless.

Mrs. Kabita

I would sincerely like to thank Creation headed by Dr. Manisha Singh who have given me the bundle of joy. I had lost the hope of becoming a mother. She ensured that all treatments are made appropriately and not only she but also the sisters (Savitha, Reena, Mamta) all of them treat me with at most sincerely.

Thanking you


Mrs. Showbhagya

Dr. Manisha Singh and Dr. Lakshmi Kumari A

Respected Madam's

I am very happy getting treatment from you both. My wife is very very happy after conceiving and she likes the way you treat / greet (receive) the patients with smile.

You both are always helpful to the patients explaining the things very clearly and creating hope in the couples. I have chosen this Fortis hospital and creation by myself. Now I strongly believe that I have chosen the correct hospital and Creation (section) and the correct Doctor's. You are always there for the patients at any time.

Mrs. Aparanji

We have been married for 4 years now and were "CREATION" we had consulted two reputed fertility clinics, but the results were not very encouraging. One of our friends suggested us to visit "FORTIS CREATION" and we consulted Dr. Manisha Singh in September 2014. In our very first meeting with Dr. Manisha, we got a positive feeling and were confident that we are on the right tract. She understands the sentiments of her patients and makes them comfortable by her friendly interactions.

Dr. Manisha reviewed our case and then recommended the course of treatment for IUI. She follows a different protocol unlike the other fertility clinics we had consulted. The entire process was very organised and systematic. She personally keeps track of her patients progress. Thanks to Dr. Manishaís excellent and diligently planned treatment, I conceived in the first IUI cycle. We also extend our sincere thanks to Dr. Lakshmi and the entire creation Team for their exceptional professionalism and compassionate care.

With regards,
Aparanji and Robert


'CREATION' Department is true to its name! Its has helped us in creating the 'true' happiness in our life.

Manisha Madam has the aura of being a good human being and a doctor ñ she made us comfortable at the first instant. She is one who gives the right feedback in the right tone. Lakshmi Madam was very gentle and kind. Last,but not the least, the staff of creation is wonderful in custmer service, knowledgeable and always greets us with a warm smile.


Mrs. Avanthi

I have been waiting for pregnancy from last 5 years. At last we came to Fortis which made my dream come true. All the doctors and staff are friendly and helpful.

Really feeling glad coming to Fortis.

Thank you Fortis.

Mrs. Shilpa

My self Shilpa Sinha wife of Chandra Kumar came in Fortis for my infertility treatment. My experience with the Creation Team is very nice. Dr. Manisha Singh and Dr. Lakshmi Kumari has guided me and given strength. My experience was too good. And Kavitha, sister Savitha and others are so helpful. Whole experience is good.

Thanks to Creation Team.

Mrs. Sapna

Its been a beautiful experience with Creation, Dr.Manisha and Fortis. It was Dr. Manisha's confidence that the IUI will result in a positive result for us that made us go for it. We are expecting our first child and whatís better: they are twins. The staff has been supportive throughout, THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR DREAM A REALITY. OUR JOURNEY INITO PARENTHOOD HAS BEGUN AND WE NEED YOUR BLESSINGS FOR ITS SUCCESS.


Mrs. Daisy

It has been a pleasant experience all through our treatment at Creation, Fortis Bangalore. What I have witnessed is a high degree of competence on the part of the entire team headed by Dr. Manisha Singh. Our success came in the third IUI. I would like to thank Dr. Manisha Singh and Dr. Lakshmi and the entire team at Creation.

Wish you all the best and many more success.

Thank you

Mrs. Jyothsna

I am really glad to say that I am under the treatment in Creation Department at Fortis. After a long time my waiting has come true. Its an unforgettable moment in my life. Thanks to Creation staff for their support and service.

Mrs. Namrata

I would like to thank Dr. Manisha and Dr. Laxmi and the entire staff at creation for all the support along with a lot of positive energy. The entire process was made very easy for me and was very comfortable during all the sessions. A special mention about the nurses here, they are extremely caring and helpful. Kavitha has been very very helpful as well.

Mrs. Mona

After visiting several fertility experts in Bangalore and abroad, we came across Dr. Manishaís Video on the Hospital website.

Having met her, we realised that she was charming yet straight forward. She clearly explained the complications and difficulties involved in our case but never once discouraged us. Her staff is trained very professionally and we were amazed at the sensitivity and care extended by them.

Special mention to sister Reena, sister Mamtha and Sister Veena who took time out to know me and remember what makes me comfortable.

Though the chances of us having a baby was next to impossible, we are now blessed and that thanks to Dr.Manisha, Dr.Lakshmi and their delightful staff !.

Mrs. Satarupa

Let me first convey my heartiest thanks to Dr.Joyce Gerad Waheed of Fortis Speciality Clinic at Marathahalli (Spice Garden complex) who studied my case thoroughly and advised me to go under the treatment of Dr.Manisha Palep Singh of Fortis Hospitals at Bannerghatta Road.

Dr.Manisha offered me of her best possible treatment and finally due to her untiring and sincere effort I have conceived and became PREGNANT within a short spell and thus relieved me from complete demoralization and paved the way of my coming MOTHER-HOOD.

Mrs. Zainab

Creation Department
Kind Attention: Dr.Manisha Palep Singh

We are very happy with all the services rendered to us at the creations of Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta road. Special thanks to Dr.Manisha herself for being so patient, Dr.Lakshmi, Ms.Kavitha, Mr.Govind and all the staff sisters who have assisted us in creating this wonderful journey.

With regards
Zainab H Mandleywala

Mrs. Akila

I am Akila, and I have suffered from PCOS and irregular periods for a long time. I had undergone treatment in Apollo, Electroinic city for 6 months but no results. So Dr.Rashmi recommended to see Dr.Manisha Singh in Fortis.

We started treatment in February 2014. Dr. Manisha and Dr. Lakshmi are very helpful. They explained us each and every procedure clearly. They are very pleasant and answered all the queries we asked. Finally by Godís grace and Doctors treatment I got pregnant in July we are very happy.

Treatment carried out in Fortis is very good.

Mrs. Divyashree

I always loved children and the first thing we decided after marriage was to plan for kids as I was diagnosed with PCOD and had a history of PCOD in my family and was a little worried when I embarked on my journey of infertility treatment. To say the least, I did have a bumpy ride on a long and strenuous road for 12 years with no result. All along my journey my husband stood as a rock solid support that helped me to never give-up.

Mrs. Mayura

Respected madam,

I (Rajashekhar) and wife (Mayura) were almost kind of lost in our life. Doctors and staff at CREATION changed our life completely. The entire team at CREATION is extremely helpful. We started consulting CREATION few months back and within no time your team helped us to achieve what we call the wonderful stage of being parent. The entire team is so active and soft spoken in nature and also helped us getting appointments at our convenient times.

Our special and sincere thanks to Dr. Manisha Singh without whom we would not have been where we are now! Thanks and thank you so much madam. You brought back smile on in my wife and joy in our life.

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  • Mrs. Rohini Lal

    Dr. Manisha Singh is one of best Doctor we have seen in Bangalore. Her vision and experience is really amazing. We had best experience here at Creation, Fortis. We are really thankful for our treatment.
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Deb Barma

    We have been trying to conceive for the past 8-9 months. PCOD Plus overweight was the big hurdle in our dream of expanding the family. One fine day we heard of "CREATION" in Fortis and we thought of seeking the doctor's opinion for this case.
  • Mrs. Saranya Arun

    We started treatment with Dr. Manisha Singh from May 2014 after my miscarriage. Previously I was diagnosed with PCOD and my husband was diagnosed with varicocele.
  • Dr. Sonia Singh

    I started visiting Fortis Hospital for my infertility problem. My treating Doctor was Dr. Manisha Singh at Creation. We had a very good experience at Creation. Dr. Manisha is an amazing doctor.
  • Mrs. Nandini Ghosh

    We have come to know of Creation from one of our family friends. The technical staff and doctors are very good and satisfy us with proper answers for all our queries. The ambience is also decent and they maintain proper hygiene here.
  • Patient Perspective on Egg Donation

    "TAKES A LITTLE MORE THAN BELIEF TO CREATE A DREAM" Thank you Dr. Manisha Singh for helping us keep the 'BELIEF' alive.
  • Mrs. P Rajan (Endometriosis)

    In spite of having visited many doctors, only Dr. Manisha Singh could diagnose that I have the condition called Endometriosis.
  • Mrs. Shilpa (Fertility)

    With deep happiness and heartfelt thanks, I am writing this testimony for the treatment that I am currently undergoing at CREATION.
  • Mrs. D Kumari (Hysterectomy)

    We would like to thank Dr. Manisha Singh and Dr. Lakshmi for conducting my hysterectomy done in view of abnormal cells in the uterus .
  • Mrs. Paramita Burman

    Paramita (patient) & I have been trying for a baby for last 1 year but due to some medical reasons our efforts were not fruitful.
  • Dr. Manisha P Singh,

    I would like to say thanks to you for the care and best treatment you gave to my wife Ms. Veena .K.S, while she was admitted at your hospital in month of December 2012 as per your advice. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!