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Donor Gametes

Gametes Donation - sperm, egg and embryo donation

The use of donor gametes (eggs, sperm and embryos) is designed to help recipients have a child when one or both partners have a form of infertility and are unable to conceive on their own.

Who can become a sperm donor?

Any healthy male aged between 21 and 40 years may be considered as a possible donor if he has normal semen analysis and has been tested for Hepatitis ( B and C) , HIV (1 and 2) and Syphilis.

Who can become an egg donor?

Any healthy female between 21 and 35 years, who has had children of her own, may be considered as a possible donor and has been tested for Hepatitis ( B and C), HIV (1 and 2) and Syphilis.

Who can become an embryo donor?

Extra embryos may result from completed IVF treatment. If extra good quality embryos have been frozen from couples and the couple wish to donate them then these embryos may be considered suitable for donation.

How are donors screened?

Each potential donor is thoroughly screened in order to minimize the risks of transmitting infectious diseases or inherited disorders. All donors are assessed medically and donors and their partners (if applicable) are counselled regarding the future implications of donation.

Confidentiality and the access of identifying information.

Donations can be made anonymously but a donor must consent to having identifying details accessible to any donor conceived child at the age of 18, upon request.

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  • Patient Perspective on Egg Donation

    "TAKES A LITTLE MORE THAN BELIEF TO CREATE A DREAM" Thank you Dr. Manisha Singh for helping us keep the 'BELIEF' alive.
  • Mrs. P Rajan (Endometriosis)

    In spite of having visited many doctors, only Dr. Manisha Singh could diagnose that I have the condition called Endometriosis.
  • Mrs. Shilpa (Fertility)

    With deep happiness and heartfelt thanks, I am writing this testimony for the treatment that I am currently undergoing at CREATION.
  • Mrs. D Kumari (Hysterectomy)

    We would like to thank Dr. Manisha Singh and Dr. Lakshmi for conducting my hysterectomy done in view of abnormal cells in the uterus .
  • Mrs. Paramita Burman

    Paramita (patient) & I have been trying for a baby for last 1 year but due to some medical reasons our efforts were not fruitful.
  • Dr. Manisha P Singh,

    I would like to say thanks to you for the care and best treatment you gave to my wife Ms. Veena .K.S, while she was admitted at your hospital in month of December 2012 as per your advice. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!