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What are the chances of achieving a pregnancy through IVF procedure?

About 1 in 3 couples achieves a pregnancy with IVF treatment. The average live delivery rate or live birth rate for IVF in 2005 was 31.6 percent per retrieval--a little better than the 20 per cent chance in any given month that a reproductively healthy couple has of achieving a pregnancy and carrying it to term. In 2002, approximately one in every hundred babies born in the US was conceived using ART and that trend continues today. The younger the woman the better the chance her conceiving a child as egg quality is an extremely important factor. Thus one sees a decline in pregnancy rates even with IVF as the woman crosses the age of 35 years. Beyond 40 years of age the realistic chance of a woman achieving a pregnancy even with IVF is ? 5%.

What is the approximate cost of an IVF cycle?

The average cost of an IVF cycle in India is around 1.5 - 2.5 lakhs and expensive like other extremely delicate medical procedures since it involves highly trained professionals with sophisticated laboratories and equipment, and the cycle may need to be repeated to be successful.

What is 'Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)'?

The purpose of ICSI is to assist the fertilization process when a man's sperm count is abnormal (i.e., very low and with poor motility). Whether it is because the number of motile sperm is very low or the morphology is excessively poor, the technique involves the delivery of a single sperm into a single egg. Since its inception, it has revolutionized the treatment of male infertility.

When one will be recommended for ICSI procedure?

Most doctors will recommend ICSI if there is a fear that poor fertilization may occur by traditional IVF where sperm are merely added to the egg culture dish. Accordingly, efforts are made to assess sperm by function or morphology to help determine those most likely to need ICSI. It may also be recommended in the 2nd cycle of treatment should the first attempt with standard IVF procedure help to achieve fertilization in the laboratory

What is third party reproduction?

The first and second parties involved in a pregnancy are the male and female couple wishing to become parents. The three principle components required to achieve a successful pregnancy are a healthy egg, sperm and uterus. If any of these components are absent, then an option is to have a third party, or someone besides the couple, become involved. Third-party reproduction is when a couple uses a sperm donor, egg donor or a gestational carrier to help them become parents.

When do I need donor eggs?

A principle limitation to human reproduction is the natural loss of healthy eggs as a woman ages. At birth, a woman is born with her total reserve of eggs - no more are created. Over her lifetime, waves of them degenerate through a natural process of atresia so that by her mid thirties, we begin to see a greater difficulty to achieve a pregnancy and a higher chance of chromosomally affected children. By her early forties, the majority of women experience infertility and eventually a loss of reproductive capacity. This is due to the eventual loss of her remaining healthy eggs.

Can you explain more about Egg donation?

Egg donation, like sperm donation, is a means to realize parenthood when the loss of gametes (i.e., egg or sperm) occurs. This may be due to the natural process of aging or may occur prematurely from other diseased states or because of medical treatments for cancer, for example. When gametes are depleted, replacement by egg donation is a wonderful option to enable one to become a parent. Once a patient has chosen to pursue egg donation, the process typically involves coordination of their two menstrual cycles so that the eggs may be retrieved, fertilization by the sperm of the patient's partner and transfer into the patient's womb can occur during the same month. The egg donor treatment cycles rate among the highest success in assisted reproduction.

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