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Fertility Assessment test

Introducing Fortis Fertility Assessment test.

Everyday struggle of life and profession can adversely effect your fertility.

That's why Fortis Fertility Clinic has introduced Fertility Assessment Test, so that you can avoid any complications of raising a family in the future. The test tells you about your chance of becoming a parent, but also recommends the best remedy if there are any problems.

For women :  • Scan  • AMH • Hepatitis B,C & Syphilis  • HIV 1 & 2  • Cervical Smear  • Doctors consultation

For men :  • Semen Analysis  • Hepatitis B, C & Syphilis  • HIV 1 & 2  • Doctor Consultation

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  • Patient Perspective on Egg Donation

    "TAKES A LITTLE MORE THAN BELIEF TO CREATE A DREAM" Thank you Dr. Manisha Singh for helping us keep the 'BELIEF' alive.
  • Mrs. P Rajan (Endometriosis)

    In spite of having visited many doctors, only Dr. Manisha Singh could diagnose that I have the condition called Endometriosis.
  • Mrs. Shilpa (Fertility)

    With deep happiness and heartfelt thanks, I am writing this testimony for the treatment that I am currently undergoing at CREATION.
  • Mrs. D Kumari (Hysterectomy)

    We would like to thank Dr. Manisha Singh and Dr. Lakshmi for conducting my hysterectomy done in view of abnormal cells in the uterus .
  • Mrs. Paramita Burman

    Paramita (patient) & I have been trying for a baby for last 1 year but due to some medical reasons our efforts were not fruitful.
  • Dr. Manisha P Singh,

    I would like to say thanks to you for the care and best treatment you gave to my wife Ms. Veena .K.S, while she was admitted at your hospital in month of December 2012 as per your advice. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!